Scorekeepers - Prepay for the Season

Scorekeepers - Prepay for the Season



Prepay Certified scorekeepers

Teams may pre-pay the League to assign certified scorekeepers.


A. Certifications - Prior to the start of the season, the Competition Coordinator shall offer certified scorekeeper clinic(s). The clinic(s) shall: 

1. Be presented by an experienced person(s) designated by the Competition Coordinator; 

2. Include materials from the Rules of Play for Scorebooks and Scorekeeping; 

3. Include a multiple choice exam approved by the board requiring an exam score equal to or greater than 70; 

4. Certifications are required every three years. 

B. Certified Scorekeepers - Prior to the start of the season, each team(s) with the intent of participating in the Spring Season must designate at least two (2) certified scorekeepers or must pre-pay the League to assign certified scorekeepers, as follows: 

1. Designate at least two members to be certified. 

2. Certified scorekeepers are eligible to receive a non-playing membership, which may be upgraded to a playing membership by paying the difference. 

3. Prepay the League to assign certified scorekeepers for the season. Scorekeeping dues shall be determined by the Board. 

4. New teams may request the League to sponsor its scorekeeping dues by following Sponsorship article 9.1. 

C. Responsibility - Each team will be scheduled a minimum of one game per week as the certified scorekeeper, with responsibilities outlined in the Rules of Play

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