Montrose Softball League Association

History of the MSLA

The Montrose Softball League Association (MSLA), is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the laws of the State of Texas. The league began in 1980 as one of several sports organizations that operated under the umbrella of the Montrose Sports Association (MSA) and that same year we also joined the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA). In 1983 the league broke away from the MSA to form its own separate organization and renamed itself the Montrose Softball League. The league's general membership includes both playing and non-playing members as well as team sponsors. An eleven member Board of Trustees that is elected by the general membership governs the MSLA. The MSLA is also a member in good standing of the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA). NAGAAA serves as the national governing body for its member cities, which now includes over 13,000 members in 43 leagues throughout North America. Various member cities sponsor national invitational softball tournaments throughout the year, including the Lone Star Classic Softball Tournament sponsored by the Montrose Softball League Association, which is held annually during March. NAGAAA also sponsors the annual Gay Softball World Series in late summer / early fall that is hosted by a different member city each year.

Mission Statement

Purpose: The Montrose Softball League Association (MSLA) is dedicated to the promotion of amateur softball for all persons regardless of age, race, creed, religion, sex, or national origin, with special emphasis placed on the participation of members of the gay community of Greater Houston. The goal of the league is to provide a sports outlet for individuals as a way to meet and interact with like-minded people in the spirit of friendly competition in an environment that promotes good health and fitness. The MSLA is divided into various divisions relative to a player's skill level. The league also encourages the involvement of non-playing members who are considered members in good standing and accrue all the benefits thereof. During the course of the season the league holds various fundraisers and at the end of the season an awards banquet is held where we honor individual and team achievement, thank our sponsors, and donate monies to our league charities. We are proud of our league's continued growth and accomplishments over the years and we look forward to serving the gay sports community of Greater Houston for years to come.


The MSLA is funded by membership dues, sponsorship fees, and by monies raised via fundraising events such as Miss MSLA, Jocks In Dresses, and the Lone Star Classic Softball Tournament. These funds in turn help defray league expenses for field rental, umpire fees, general league expenditures, awards and trophies, etc. The league also provides partial financial assistance to Houston teams that win the right to participate in the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series.


As an active and responsible member of Houston's gay community the MSLA every year donates a percentage of its annual revenues to local charities. Upon review of their needs, the Board of Trustees chooses these charities at the beginning of the season. As a league we take great pride in being able to give something back to the community we serve!

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