The Montrose Softball League plays both our Spring and Fall leagues at Houston Sportsplex.  We signed  an agreement in 2011 to move to Houston Sportsplex and our partnership has been a great fit.  Players enjoy ample secured parking, no gate fees, 6 fields, and 2 concession stands.  

Houston Sportsplex does not allow outside food or drink and pets are not permitted.  

Please help to keep the park clean and report any incidents to a board member.

  1. Address

    12631 South Main St
    Houston, TX 77035

    Sub Locations

    1. Field 1
    2. Field 2
    3. Field 3
    4. Field 4
    5. Field 5
    6. Field 6

    Houston Sportsplex

    Phone: 713.726.9977

    Website: www.houstonsportsplex.com

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